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Brace Yourself. 


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You are about to enter a world which has taken me forty years to master. Time has come for me to share my knowledge and mastery of it with you. I invite you to learn and apply the skills learned to your life. Then, pass your knowledge and mastery onto someone else.  

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The Painting that Started it all

I started this painting just to paint, but my wife saw potential in my work. She purchased canvases, paint, brushes, and so much more on a weekly basis for me to continue painting. Because of her encouragement, love and support, I continued to paint. If not for her, most of what you see here or this website would not have ever existed.

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stories about my paintings


An accidental technique

I was in Jiangxi Province, China during the winter. All I had was a small canvas, a few brushes and acrylic paint but not ideas. Just for fun, I dripped paint on the canvas; turned it over and repeated the same process. It started to tell a story, so I continued working until the story was told. What is the story being told here? The answer is up to you.


The exact opposite of what I wanted to paint


A change of perspective to see beyond the obvious

You may have seen this particular painting at the top of the page. Here is the story; When I paint, I tend to look at the work-in-progress from different angles. For this particular painting, after I finished it and turned it up-side-down, I realized that the painting made a whole lot more sense this way.

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I planned to paint a colorful abstract painting with "Summer colors;" blue, green, white and hues of all bright colors. It was a good start until I let go of the planned creative process and let my subconscious mind take over. End result; a painting far more thought provoking and difficult to understand than what I had planned.

Home: Selected Work